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Apex Launcher
Android Does Team
Pro Unlocked
Android 4.4

Apex Launcher MOD android is one of the Launcher applications trusted by millions of users because of its usability, beauty, & flexible features

Introduce about Apex LauncherMOD apk version of Apex Launcher

Introduce about Apex Launcher

Customize, secure, & boost the efficiency of your phone!

Why should you need a Launcher app?

Your phone always needs a productivity tiện ích to help tốc độ it up, keep things organized, & get the most basic tasks done.Since your phone always needs a new look to lớn bring inspiration every day.And since only game android allows customization of the main interface of the phone.

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So why not take advantage of this lớn transform your phone with apps that customize the Launcher interface?

If you are looking for an application with powerful customization capabilities and a bunch of handy extras, lượt thích a professional điện thoại assistant, I suggest you guys try Apex Launcher.

Advantages of Apex Launcher

The first thing that makes Apex Launcher stand out among so many Launcher apps is its exceptionally rich customizability. There are many không tính phí icon packs và wallpapers for users to freely customize their phones, comes with a lot of 3d transition effects to lớn beautify the phone wallpaper.

But if only that, then Apex Launcher could not reach the đứng đầu of the best Launcher on app android phones. This application is not only beautiful, stylish, with many options, but also helps smartphones increase security higher than before using the app. Specifically, Apex Launcher provides an tiện ích lock and hide feature to lớn protect privacy. You also have settings lớn unlock apps with fingerprint or iris, these are high-level security technologies that very few Launcher apps can do.


Also, Apex Launcher can help you lock Facebook, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Snapchat, Instagram, SMS, Contacts, Gmail, photo gallery, videos, settings, điện thoại tư vấn logs, và all installed applications. It is difficult for others to track down and see what data is on your device. With top-secret information files, photos, or sensitive videos, this application also supports completely hiding to prevent illegal intrusion from webs or other apps.

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It is Apex Launcher’s chất lượng AppLock security công nghệ through password, PIN, or hand-drawn lock pattern that makes it the most trusted Launcher today. In addition, all of these lock patterns and lock times can be automatic or in a user-customizable mode. You can completely protect your device và all the important information on your phone.

Increasing the efficiency & speed of your phone is also one of the highlights of Apex Launcher. As a smart assistant, the app will support quick search, backup, sort, and restore lớn speed up your work in all basic tasks, thereby helping lớn increase work productivity. This you may not realize, but when using Apex Launcher for a while, you will see a big difference when using your basic operations than before using the app, especially the quick recovery of deleted files/images.

Lots of convenient features in Apex Launcher

Apex Launcher can support a scrollable dock with up to 10 icons per page và up khổng lồ 5 pagesHide elements as you want (status bar, dock, etc.)The style và background can be selected and previewed before applying lớn the whole phoneSupport classifying applications by title, date of installation, frequency of useHide apps from the drawerOptimize data on phones and tablets

If you choose lớn upgrade khổng lồ the Pro version, you will also have more features such as customization, automatic folder arrangement, more convenient icon gestures when using, more options for swiping to touch the screen, more transitions, advanced folder support, advanced widget options.

Download Apex Launcher APK & MOD for Android

In short, Apex Launcher is a useful Launcher with an easy-to-use interface, và also makes your device better security, faster operation. If you have a preference for using the Launcher app, let download Apex Launcher to use, this will always be the most optimal choice for your phone.