Claim là gì

to lớn say that something is true or is a fact, although you cannot prove sầu it and other people might not believe it:
If an organization or group claims a particular number of members, that number of people are believed lớn belong lớn it.

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to ask for something of value because you think it belongs khổng lồ you or because you think you have a right lớn it:
khổng lồ make a written demand for money from a government or organization because you think you have sầu a right to lớn it:
a written request asking an organization to pay you an amount of money that you believe they owe you:
If a storm, crime, or other violence claims someone’s life, the person was killed suddenly as a result of that event:
a request to an insurance company for payment relating khổng lồ an accident, illness, damage lớn property, etc.:
pay/refuse/settle a clayên An insurance adjuster will work with the injured tiệc ngọt to settle the clalặng.
file/make/submit a clayên ổn Do not submit a clalặng if the doctor or hospital is also filing a clayên ổn for the same service.

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a request to lớn a court, government department, or company for something such as money or property that you believe you have a legal right to:
to lớn officially request that an insurance company pay for costs relating lớn an accident, damage to property, etc.
clayên benefits/tax relief/income support The self employed may clayên ổn income tax relief as an allowance in their income tax assessment.

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If there are no relatives lớn clayên ổn the estate, the deceased"s property will be reverted lớn the state.
For her project lớn succeed fully, she would need lớn be able khổng lồ vindicate both her historical & philosophical claims.
Many students in my class were inspired by these readings to carry on further investigations, finding more data and phonetic tư vấn for the phonological claims.
The central claim of this paper is that decision-making cannot be understood purely at the group cấp độ.
The cold fusion claims of 1989, in contrast, attracted criticism that spilled over from the purely theoretic domain name to the professional one.