c evolutionary biology : the development of dissimilar traits or features (as of body structure or behavior) in closely related populations, species, or lineages of common ancestry that typically occupy dissimilar environments or ecological niches : divergent evolution

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a growing divergence of opinion about that U.S. President's place in history any divergence from the community's strict moral code was met with social ostracism
Recent Examples on the web và yet, while there is greater bipartisanship over the issue than in previous times, there still exists a strong divergence of opinion on how khổng lồ house poor & low-income renters seeking shelter adequately. — Richard Burns, Forbes, 28 June 2022 The divergence of views has left Washington’s European allies to lớn sort between the dire U.S. Outlook và the more cautious view from Kyiv. — Vivian Salama, WSJ, 29 Jan. 2022 Analysts expect that divergence between headline và core measures to lớn widen in the coming months. — Matthew Boesler, Fortune, 26 June 2022 What is missing in the approach and why is there such a divergence? — Frank Van Gansbeke, Forbes, 15 Apr. 2022 While there is consensus that lower-income consumers are getting pressured, there is divergence among analysts on what that means for dollar stores. — Jinjoo Lee, WSJ, 17 Mar. 2022 But then, if Conley’s performance was a significant divergence from events of late, the Jazz surrendering another double-digit lead en route to a defeat — on this occasion, 117-111 at the hands of the Bucks — was all too familiar. — Eric Walden, The Salt Lake Tribune, 15 Mar. 2022 The divergence between real history and our alternate history just grows broader as, as the show goes on. — Caroline Hallemann, Town và Country, 10 June 2022 The current divergence between the wealthiest Americans and the lower 90 percent of earners began in the late 1970s, after a post-World War II era of rising wages và not-outlandish differences in pay between workers và management. — Peter Weber, The Week, 9 June 2022 See More

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borrowed from New Latin dīvergentia, noun derivative of Latin dīvergent-, dīvergens divergent

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The first known use of divergence was in 1656

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