Philosophy là gì

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philosophy /fi"lɔsəfi/ danh từ triết học, triết lý Marxist-Leninist philosophy: triết học Mác-Lênin tính bình thản trong đông đảo trả cảnh; triết lý sốnga man without a philosophy: nhỏ bạn không tồn tại một triết lý sốngnormal philosophy luân lýnatural philosophy khoa học tự nhiên
quan điểmLĩnh vực: xây dựngtriết lýnatural philosophy: triết lý tự nhiênnatural philosophycông nghệ từ bỏ nhiênnatural philosophytriết học tự nhiênnatural philosophytrang bị lý họcscholastic philosophyngôi trường pháitriết họcsocial philosophy: triết học tập xã hộiaccounting philosophytư tưởng kế toánhuman relation philosophytriết lý quan hệ tình dục con ngườiphilosophy và policiesnguyên lý với phương châm (của công ty)philosophy & policiestriết lý với bao gồm sách



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Từ điển Collocation

philosophy noun

1 study of ideas about the meaning of life

ADJ. ancient, classical | contemporary, modern | Eastern, Western | experimental, moral, natural (historical), political, religious, social

PHRASES the philosophy of history/religion/science More information about SUBJECT
SUBJECT: of study do, read, study ~ vì chưng ~
is more commonly used with school subjects (but may also be used with university subjects): She did maths, physics & chemistry at school.

study ~ is used with both school và university subjects: He studied German at school. She went on khổng lồ study mathematics at university.

read ~is only used with university subjects & is quite formal: She was educated privately & at Pembroke College, where she read classics.

lecture in, teach ~ He taught music at a school in Edinburgh.

Other verbs used with subject can also be used with particular subjects of study: Half the students take geography at A level. We offer accounting as a subsidiary course.

~ degree, a degree/diploma in ~ a law degree a higher diploma in fine art

~ class, course, lecture, lesson The genetics lectures are on a different campus.

~ department, a/the department of ~ All enquiries should be made to lớn the Department of Architecture.

~ graduate, student, undergraduate Some architecture graduates gain further qualifications in speciadanh sách fields.

~ lecturer, teacher, tutor He"s an English teacher at Highl& Road School.

~ professor, (a) professor of ~ She"s professor of linguistics at the University of Wales.

the study of ~ The study of philosophy helps you lớn think critically.

in ~ He got As in history và art.

2 particular system of beliefs

ADJ. competing, differing | prevailing humanism?the prevailing philosophy today in the Western world | basic, general, underlying | personal | homespun, simple the homespun philosophy that kept her going during this difficult period | liberal | thiết kế, economic, educational, management, market, political, religious, social a furniture-maker"s kiến thiết philosophy

VERB + PHILOSOPHY develop, formulate developing a personal philosophy | articulate | adopt, embrace, espouse | reject

PHILOSOPHY + VERB inkhung sth, underlie sth, underpin sth the philosophy underlying the education system | prevail the management philosophy which prevailed at that time

PREP.. ~ behind The new measures were introduced with no explanation of the philosophy behind them.

PHRASES a philosophy of life/mind

Từ điển WordNet


the rational investigation of questions about existence and knowledge & ethicsany personal belief about how lớn live sầu or how to lớn giảm giá with a situation

self-indulgence was his only philosophy

my father"s philosophy of child-rearing was to lớn let mother bởi vì it

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English Synonym & Antonym Dictionary

philosophiessyn.: doctrine ism philosophical system school of thought