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the right lớn pay a person or organization less money than you owe them because they also owe you money:
There is a sum of £1,100,000 for refunds lớn traders and a second sum of £19,200 against which there is a set-off of £9,000 for dochồng congestion relief.
This set-off for betterment provision did not, however, set off betterment lớn the lvà in respect of which the clalặng is made.
In the case of consent for development, it seems to suggest that compensation will be paid by a suitable set-off in the betterment charge.
Such cases are practically untouched altogether by recent legislation, & should not be held to be a set-off.
There will be a set-off one against the other, but we have sầu no intention of depriving the fund at all.
The main set-off computation relates to a set-off against the tax deducted from interest paid by local authorities.
These gains will now be taxed at normal corporation tax rates, and qualify for set-off of advanced corporation tax.
There is a considerable set-off to any saving, in the four sloops which are announced as part of the new programme.
This is incidentally one of the many advantages we derive from our insular position & is a set-off khổng lồ the discomfort of a channel crossing.
Secondly, loss of the benefit of income tax set-off—a new loss which, in the case of local authorities, has only accrued in recent years.
Like other taxpayers, however, they are entitled to lớn a set-off for the interest they pay on borrowed money.

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