Skill là gì

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skill /skil/ danh từ
sự khôn khéo, sự khéo hoa tay, sự tinc xảo; kĩ năng, kỹ xảo nội đụng từ (từ bỏ cổ,nghĩa cổ) đáng chú ý, thành vấn đềit skills not: ko đáng kể, ko thành vấn đềkỹ năngworking skill: năng lực lao độngkỹ xảolành nghềsự khéo taytay nghềLĩnh vực: xây dựngtrình độ chuyên môn chăm mônkhả năngkhéo taykĩ năngkỹ năngmanual skill: kĩ năng làm cho bởi taymulti skill training: sự huấn luyện và giảng dạy các kỹ năngprofessional skill: kĩ năng chuyên mônskill development: sự cải tiến và phát triển kỹ năngskill variety: đa dạng về kỹ năngtechnical skill: khả năng quánh thùtechnical skill: kỹ xảo, năng lực sệt thùtransfer of skill: ủy quyền kỹ năngkỹ thuậttechnical skill: chuyên môn chuyên mônsự khéo léosự khéo taytàitechnical skillkỹ xảo

Word families (Nouns, Verbs, Adjectives, Adverbs): skill, skilful, skillful, skilled, unskilled, deskilled, skilfully, skillfully

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Từ điển Collocation

skill noun

ADJ. considerable, consummate, extraordinary, great, remarkable He is a negotiator of considerable skill. With consummate skill, she steered the conversation away from any embarrassing subjects. | good, poor She has good organizational skills. | basic, necessary the basic skills of reading, writing and arithmetic | essential, important, marketable, practical, transferable, useful training in problem-solving and other transferable skills | new, old khổng lồ learn some new skills | special, speciadanh mục No special skills or knowledge are required for the job. | professional | analytical | entrepreneurial, management, managerial, organizational | diplomatic, negotiating | linguistic, reading, writing | business, communication, computer, interpersonal, language, retìm kiếm, social, study, survival It is important to develop good study skills. | manual | artistic, culinary, medical, military, musical, political, scientific, tactical, technical

QUANT. range, set She had to develop a whole new mix of skills when she changed job. | degree, level an operation that called for a high degree of skill

VERB + SKILL have, possess | lack | need, require, take a feat requiring skill & patience | acquire, develop, learn, pichồng up | demonstrate, display, exercise, practise, show (off) | apply, harness, use, utilize The manager must harness the skills of the workers lớn firm objectives. | broaden, hone, improve sầu, increase, master, sharpen, tăng cấp helping children khổng lồ master the skills necessary to lớn live in our society She attends regular training weekends to lớn sharpen her skills. | refresh, update | pool, giới thiệu | assess, thử nghiệm a course that will test the skills of any golfer

SKILL + NOUN màn chơi | acquisition, development, training | shortage The country is facing a skills shortage.

PREPhường. with ~ She performed the task with great skill. | ~ as her skills as a doctor | ~ at his skill at painting | ~ in their skill in selecting the best designs | ~ of the basic skills of managing an office | ~ with his skill with a sword

PHRASES a laông xã of skill, a mastery of skills a mastery of basic language skills