Asus zenfone 5 ze620kl

The artificial intelligence (AI) inside every ZenFone 5 makes it more than just a smartphone: it’s your intelligent companion that’s always there for you. It takes perfect photos every time, whatever the subject, without you even having to lớn think about it. No matter the task, ZenFone 5 always delivers smooth & responsive performance, with the striking compact kiến thiết & stunning looks making it a sheer joy to use. ZenFone 5 is the smartphone that loves photos as much as you do!
ZenFone 5 is designed lớn impress, using only the finest materials & cutting-edge craftsmanship. Its spectacular edge-to-edge 2.5D-curved screen merges imperceptibly with the delicate toàn thân, giving ZenFone 5 a beautiful seamless appearance và a luxurious feel.

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The intelligent dual-camera system in ZenFone 5 thinks for you, with advanced AI features that anticipate your needs and adapt to your preferences, so you can concentrate on the subject, not the camera, và get perfect results every time. ZenFone 5 revolutionizes Mobile photography, giving you a simpler, smarter way to lớn capture and chia sẻ every magic moment.
The dual-camera system in ZenFone 5 uses cutting-edge hardware to take your photography to new heights, so you’ll always get the clearest & brighthử nghiệm shots every time, in any conditions. With a highly light sensitive main camera, a wide-angle second rear camera, & a capable front facing camera, whatever the subject — expansive landscapes, sunny beaches, atmospheric night shots, family portraits or selfies — ZenFone 5 takes it all in its stride, capturing more of your wonderful world. ZenFone 5 removes the limits on your creativity, so you can concentrate on the subject, not the camera.
ZenFone 5 has maximum on-the-go stamimãng cầu, & when it’s time khổng lồ recharge, BoostMaster công nghệ makes charging incredibly fast: just a five-minute charge, & you can talk for up lớn two hours! ZenFone 5 introduces AI-powered intelligent charging that maximizes your battery’s lifespan and provides total protection. This dynamically adjusting the charging rate, which slows down the battery ageing process. ZenFone 5 really is your intelligent companion!
ZenFone 5 has a stunning all-new edge-to-edge screen thiết kế that lets you see more, yet still fits comfortably in your hand. This gorgeous screen is totally immersive sầu and supports the cinema-grade DCI-P3 color space, making photos, videos, movies and games look better than they’ve ever looked before. Its AI technology ensures that images always look their best, and it’s even smart enough khổng lồ keep the screen turned on when you’re looking at it!
ZeniMoji is a fun new ZenFone 5 feature — exclusive lớn — that lets users animate xinh tươi avatars using their own voice, facial expressions và head movements. Uniquely, ZeniMoji avatars can be used in video chats or live-streaming, as well as in text chats, to make them more entertaining!
ZenFone 5 has the intelligence to lớn help you with all your tasks, including the most important one — communicating with people. Constantly adjusting the ringtone volume depending on where you are a nuisance, so ZenFone 5 has AI Ringtone that intelligently adapts the ringer volume lớn suit the ambient noise level. When you’re somewhere noisy, it increases the volume, và when it’s quiet — such as on your bedside table at night — it reduces the volume so it won’t disturb you. Its smart AI-powered Hotline features let ZenFone 5 adapt itself to lớn your environment, so you’ll always enjoy crystal-clear Hotline chất lượng và recordings.
ZenFone 5 is now easier lớn use and more convenient than ever. The new face unlochồng feature lets you unlock your ZenFone 5 simply by looking at it — perfect for messy fingers or when you’re wearing gloves. There’s also a fingerprint sensor that unlocks the phone in an instant, và combined with ZenFone 5’s NFC capability you can enjoy trusted security for services lượt thích Google Pay.
Audio on smartphones is all too often an afterthought, but not on ZenFone 5. Our dedicated audio engineering team made sure of that, with powerful hardware, AI-enhanced software và state-of-the-art audio quality that will give your ears a treat, whatever you’re listening to lớn.
Calculation based on a standard lens with an 83° (25mm) field of view & a wide-angle lens with a 120° (12mm) field of view. Specifications may vary by country and Model. Compared lớn Snapdragon 630 di động Platkhung. Body kích thước compared to 5.5-inch phone with standard display aspect ratio.
ZenFone 5 is a masterpiece of design, combining strength with beauty. Its glass-covered body toàn thân is built from special aerospace-grade aluminum that’s light but incredibly svào, và finished using zircon-sandblasting giải pháp công nghệ and an intricate eight-layer optical coating process. A final varnish coat under the glass gives a deep, rich luster to lớn the iconic Zen-inspired concentric-circle patterning.

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Building ZenFone 5 requires precision engineering và exquisite attention to the finest details, in a complex 206-step process. Even hidden details are important: the special thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) under the metal buttons makes them more reliable & gives them a positive sầu feel. A special anti-glare coating reduces reflections khổng lồ improve image quality và make the camera lenses less visible.
AI Scene Detection takes the guesswork out of photography. ZenFone 5 uses the power of AI khổng lồ rapidly analyze the subject & match it to one of its 16 scene types, optimizing the camera settings for almost any kind of subject from sunsets lớn pet pics. The result is effortlessly perfect photos, anytime và anywhere. ZenFone 5 uses advanced data analysis khổng lồ constantly enhance the scene detection algorithms, for ever-smarter photography.
ZenFone 5 lets you take professional-looking close-up shots of people or objects, without the hassle. With Real-time Portrait mode, the main subject stays pin-sharp, while the background is given a sense of depth with a graduated bokeh effect — created using depth information intelligently analyzed from the subject — for a beautifully artistic pholớn. Real-time Portrait mode can be used with the rear main or front cameras, capturing gorgeous portraits & close-ups that rival those taken with high-over DSLR cameras. When using the rear camera, Real-time Portrait uses both cameras simultaneously lớn optimize the bokeh effect even further.
AI Photo lớn Learning lets you teach ZenFone 5 how you lượt thích your photos khổng lồ look. It then automatically adjusts the camera settings for future shots — so your photos will always reflect your quality style preferences.
With ZenFone 5 you’ve sầu got your own personal beauty consultant in your pocket. Real-time Beautification intelligently reads your facial features and applies personalized enhancements. It works in real time with any face — regardless of age, shape, skin tone or gender — & produces amazing natural-looking results. It works perfectly in live-streaming đoạn Clip, too!
AI Gallery is ZenFone 5’s intelligent pholớn organizer that makes it easier và faster than ever to lớn store, find and cốt truyện all your favorite pics. It can sort and group photos by detected scene type, or even individual people by facial recognition! So it’s easier and quicker than ever to lớn find and mô tả photos of your loved ones or those fun snaps with your friends. With AI Gallery, everything’s effortless and done right on your phone — so your mobile data allowance won"t take a hit!
ZenFone 5’s main high-resolution camera is designed to take the best possible photos, under any lighting conditions. It gets rid of camera shake lớn produce blur-không tính phí handheld shots, và accurately focuses on any subject — whether it’s your dinner or your pets — in an instant. ZenFone 5 captures brighter, clearer, và more true-to-life photos at any time, and it’s especially impressive sầu in low-light or backlit situations. It also captures breathtaking HDR photos that record every detail, at any hour of the day or night.
The secondary 120° wide-angle camera on ZenFone 5 lets you fit more scenery và people in the frame, producing dramatic photos & videos that capture a true sense of place. It allows you to exaggerate the sense of space in any setting lớn capture more dramatic scenes and stunning, expansive landscapes. The wide view is incredibly handy for group shots or in cramped spaces, too!
ZenFone 5 includes the powerful Pro mode that gives you full control of all the camera settings, including White balance, exposure, focus, ISO, & an impressive sầu range of shutter speeds from 1/10000 khổng lồ 32 seconds. ZenFone 5 is also the ideal choice if you prefer lớn fine-tune unprocessed images using photo-editing software. There’s no wonder ZenFone 5 is the choice of professionals!
ZenFone 5 is powered by the lathử nghiệm 64-bit Qualcomilimet Snapdragon 636 thiết bị di động Platform, offering the ultimate performance with eight CPU cores, up to lớn a 1.8GHz clochồng speed & up to lớn 6GB RAM. Together with its desktop-grade Adreno™ graphics, ZenFone 5 handles even the most demanding apps và games with ease. And when you need an instant power hit, you can use AI Boost to lớn turbocharge ZenFone 5.

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With ZenFone 5, you’ll enjoy the most responsive sầu phầm mềm performance ever. It uses AI learning lớn intelligently predict the apps you’re most likely to use next, based on your usage habits. Exclusive technology ensures that apps launch quicker than you can imagine — & switching from one tiện ích lớn another is always seamlessly smooth.